Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Olivia Headhunter - Oldhammer special

Results over manners. That could be the definition of Olivia's state of mind and practical way of handling missions. Not that any of her employers have had anything to say about it so far.
Olivia is a special character, not only because she's one of the most fearsome female imperial guard models you've seen in a while but because she was the gift model at this year's BOYL.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Brattish authority - Leader and Juve

Painting is like riding a bike it seems, it comes back pretty rapidly even after a long pause. To get a bit of motivation back I had put all chances on my side though : Goodwin models, a sculptor I enjoy and whose work I'm familiar working with, Confrontation models, one of my first loves and limited edition ones on top of that. 
Well it worked out exactly like planned for once. Pleasure was here. Oh yeah , sweeet sweeeeeet pleasure, my hair caressing their... erm... Good fun, if you see what I mean.

On top of that, my recent Shadow wars campaign had taught me I needed some reinforcements for the Bratts since any casuatty was putting me in a difficult position with just enough models to make a team.

Now the first of them is obviously a leader, perhaps one of the best looking of the unreleased models in the whole Bratt line. If it wasn't for the very peculiar combi pistol, it's a perfect model really.

His friend is more of a Juve. The sketches published for the bratts seem to point this model is a Fright Knight :

And although it was quite tempting to paint it as Boy George after getting very inspired by Adam Ant, I opted for a more hip hop flat top to avoid any resemblance with Bart simpson.

I also like to paint models I don't know well as I get to discover little details like the Karate hand protection on the Juve (painted with a flame pattern for extra street cred) and plenty of small jewels and ribbons everywhere on the leader.

The band is now 6 models strong with still opportunities to add more models from my Helmawr gang and all so I'm quite happy with it really.
Let's try and harness this renewed motivation into something constructive !

Thursday, 10 August 2017

The lightbearers - Pilgrims and colonists

Now this feels odd. It's been a month I hadn't painted nor blogged anything, one month out, vanished. It wasn't exactly wasted of course but painting is a bit of a metronome for me so it felt weird getting back. Weird and pretty hard actually.
I've had the idea of this little group for quite a while but had always postponed them for more flamboyant projects or model required for games and events. But here they are.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Shadow wars campaign at Warhammer World (with extra)

Last friday, just before attending the annual Oldhammer event BOYL, I had the pleasure to meet up with old friends in the halls of the Warhammer World for a Shadow wars campaign. 
A couple of us had prepared a campaign with a few special events and roles to make it even more enjoyable.
What a better way of starting 3 days of hobby orgy than a series of games with old friends !

Third BOYL for a bloody lucky french !!!

Back at home after a few weeks on holidays and plenty of nice stuff done and people met. Like a couple of time before, those holidays ended with the Oldhammer Grand reunion : Bring Out Your Lead aka BOYL.

It's funny how after a couple of previous editions, everything seemed so familiar this time, people, the place, it felt like home in a way.

Like for the previous years, I was determined to making the best of it again so tried to squeeze as many games in as I could.

Let's have a quick look at the games played :

Monday, 17 July 2017

Three flies and an eagle in the hive. Inquisimunda battle report

Holidays mean little painting or modelling but actual gaming so I guess it's an added bonus to seeing friends and getting some fresh air !
I had the privilege to get a game of Inquisimunda with Martin Grandbarbe and his band of Nurgle worshipers facing my Inquisitor retinue.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Let's play a game - Just what are space marines ?

Yup, that's what you think it is. A bunch of the new primaris models from the Dark Imperium. I'm not better or worse than any other and with painting in mind as always I wanted to test how a truescale marine would feel under a brush so I picked a few.
With little time before leaving on holidays,n I couldn't help but build them and see how they looked next to some of the rest of my models.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Completed Imperial Space Fleet - The Red force

If Space is the final frontier, then someone better guard it well ! After painting a tyrannid and Eldar fleet, I had to paint the last remaining faction for this jewel of old school gaming that Space Fleet is.
I won't bore you (again) with what Space Fleet is but if you're still wondering, hen you can check these posts to get a better understanding.
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